Credit Scores are Crucial when buying a Used Car in Boston MA – Used Car Dealer Options Boston Massachusetts

bad credit car dealers Boston MABuying a car is crucial for a ton of people; it’s the way you will get around for years. But if your credit isn’t right you can find yourself jumping through hoops and there not fun.

Car dealers and credit scores in Boston MA

People with wreck credit seem to have the hardest time with buying a car and you want to know why? Because your credit score is what car dealers look at for auto financing. The better the credit score the better loan rate you will get.


Its simple you keep your payments on time and spending low auto lenders will love you. If you don’t auto lenders in Boston will look at you as a risk and your interest rate will be high.


No one wants to have a high risk auto loan in Boston and that’s what you will be considered if you have a credit score below 500. And you should have 10% of the down payment of the car in hand when you head to the car dealership.

Used cars with credit scores at 500 in Boston MA

Unless you know that you want a used car in Boston the car dealer will more than likely try and put you in a car brand new at a 17% interest rate because you have a credit score of 500.


Not ideal for anyone but you can work on paying off your debt and apply for a car loan after that. If you can get in the subprime area of a loan car dealers will be able to work with auto lenders and get you a better rate.

Subprime auto loan options in Boston MA

At we work with subprime car dealers to get you the best auto loan rates possible and make it affordable for you to drive.


With a subprime credit score we still will recommend that you look at a used car the financing will be easier and the price of the car will overall be lower.


So before you head to the car dealer do 3 things your homework, and know your credit score, and how much you can spend. And than make the trip worth it for you.

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