Bad Credit Auto Loans for Used Cars in the Boston MA Area

bad credit used car loans in Boston MANow when you go out on the road and want to test drive a new or used car in Boston Massachusetts there is a do and don’t list and we can share it with you so you know for when you’re buying your next car or currently trying to buy a car in Boston MA. Continue reading

Types of Credit Scores For New Cars in Boston Massachusetts

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What we are going to tell you or help you with is to find what your credit score is for a car. Yes we will give you some insight on what it your score is and what else you need to look at when buying a car.

Now you may not know this but when you go to a car dealer and want to buy a car there are two kinds of score they look at.

These are called your fico score and your auto loan score and the lenders will look at your auto loan score to see if they want to purchase that auto loan.

Your auto loan score is different than your credit score. The auto loan score will tell the lender what and how well you paid off your previous auto loan in Boston.

The number one factor for a bad credit score is credit card debt. Unless you pay off your credit card debt down you’re not going to score well with your credit score.

You could be paying everything else of perfectly but your credit card debt needs to  be paid down or off. One thing we want to let you know, don’t put everything on credit pay cash when you can because auto lenders look at the credit that is available to you and see how much you have used.

When you go to a car dealer in Boston to buy a car you are going to be looked at as a risk with bad credit and that is what’s going to determine the rate you get.

So let us help you find a car dealer in Boston that can get you into a car that going to help you out in the long run.

We help people daily with fixing their credit and boosting their credit for a new car and it starts today.

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